Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cookie Monster

Every dog parent is afraid of a chocolate raid by their dog, and it happened to me Monday night. While we were out to dinner, Cassius decided to treat himself to 4 large chocolate chip cookies.

I don't normally leave "hazardous" materials on the counters, but I was in a rush out the door and left a bag of cookies, brought all the way from Charleston, South Carolina by my friend Cornelia,on the counter.

Upon arriving home from dinner, I found a half eaten paper bag in the front lawn. I didn't realize what Cassius had gotten into for about 5 minutes (when I started fantasizing about chocolate chip cookies for dessert). Once it was clear the torn up bag was the cookie bag, I called the pet hospital to find out what to do. They were pretty confident that he hadn't eaten a dangerous amount of chocolate, but recommended we induce vomitting using hydrogen peroxide if we were worried, and if he'd consumed the cookies within the last hour/hour.5. He didn't seem to be ill at all and we were pretty sure the little piggy must have eaten the cookies more than 2 hours before we arrived home, so we decided not to give him the hydrogen peroxide.

Cassius is fine and never showed any signs of being anything but proud of himself for the successful cookie raid. I guess we were lucky! I will be much more careful in the future with chocolate in the house.