Monday, September 8, 2008

12 Tasty Nuggets of Raw Delight

I switched Cassius over to raw dog food recently and we're both very happy with the decision. He loves the food. How do I know? Besides inhaling the food, he does a post-meal joy run through the house, bouncing off of all of the furniture, then settles on his favorite couch and buries his face in, as if nuzzling it. Thankfully, the food finishes clean, so he's not using the sofa as a napkin like he used to with his old messy mix of dry and wet food.

I love the new food too because he's pooping a lot less. He used to go at least 3 to 4 times a day, and in sizeable quantities. Since switching to the raw food, he only goes a couple of times, and his stools are "small, firm and void of any offensive odor" just like manufacturer, Primal Pet Food, advises.

The raw food seems to be a healthier option, and greener for sure. Less packaging than traditional kibble and wet food, and no cans to deal with...and less doggie waste.

I buy the raw food at Wholefoods in the pet food section, where there is a mini-freezer. Because the food comes frozen and you should keep it that way until you're ready to defrost it to serve, it' s a little more work, but just a little. I've posted pics of the frozen nuggets just in case anyone is curious.

When the nuggets defrost, I mush them up with my hands and then serve. I'm adding bones to his diet so that his teeth get a workout (and because he loves them).

I'm not going totally raw, but for the main staple of Cassius's diet, I have, and both dog and mom are happy with the switch.

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Lisa said...

Cassius is looking more like his mommy everyday!