Friday, September 19, 2008

Snuggly Boxer

I'm going to end the week with just a couple of cute photos. Cassius loves to be cuddled. He even likes to be carried around like a baby. I can do this because my boxer is a little guy. He's only about 60 pounds. We were expecting him to be a big boy because his father was 85 pounds and his mother was 65.

Great things come in small packages!


Drausio said...

Beautiful Boxer!!!
Please send photos for site

goReptiles said...

My new adopted Boxer puppy is a big snuggler. She's not quite as snuggly as my APBT, but she's pretty dang close. I think it's funny how much she just wants to be loved on.

Melanie Taylor said...

He reminds me of my boy, Oscar, so cuddly and cute - i have endless pics of him snuggling up when younger - they do love the contact!

A Erickson said...

I have a boxer named Baxter who can't sleep unless he is under the covers and against me. I just wrote a blog post about him. Please check it out! Love your blog so far!