Monday, September 22, 2008

Tigers and Boxers

I'm a docent at the San Francisco Zoo, and every time I'm at the zoo I can't help but think about Cassius my Boxer. Nearly every animal some how reminds me of my little guy. Lately, I've been spending most of my time at the tiger exhibit, where we have 3 Sumatran tiger cubs. All boys, all bouncy.
If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, make sure to get to the zoo to see the cubs. If you don't live close by, take a look at the SF Zoo's tiger cub album (where I grabbed the shot above). Too cute, and unfortunately, like all of the 5 tiger species, critically endangered. To learn more about tigers and what's being one to save them, visit the Save The Tiger Fund site. To save a Boxer in danger, visit your local shelter or find a Boxer Rescue like Boxer Rescue LA.


Andria said...

You're adorable Cassius!

~Roxy, a Sacramento Boxer.

Mette said...

Oh so sweet these boxers :) If you want to, you could take a look of my boxers - the page is in danish but the pictures talk for them self ;)

Mette said...

I forgot the link to the photographs ;)

apple said...

This post was simply amazing. I like it. I find it adorable and fascinating. Big thanks for sharing.

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Hill2001 said...

Our new puppy lies down just like that tiger too! hah. check out photos at

Unknown said...

This is to funny. I always think stuff reminds me of my Boxer Wyatt, especially children.